A Passive Aggressive PSA from Down With Pants!

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Amanda said...

That's exactly what happened to me during that song a few weeks ago when I saw them

Avitable said...

I would have stabbed them.

With my flesh sword.

Replicant said...

That is pretty painful. There's also sound of a lot of people talking which I always find really weird that people pay $$$ to see a show and then stand there the entire show blabbing away to some buddy or girl they are trying to impress with their knowledge.

I saw Aimee Mann a few months ago and she played a lot of slower, less noisy songs. Great. The only problem is there was this 2/3 drunk guy/girl combo behind me loudly commenting on the details of their lives and whether or not she'd play a 'Til Tuesday song. There was a confrontation and then I moved to another part of Cain's Ballroom. Not sure what would be worse--them talking or singing like that.

Brandon said...

Amanda - I can't even imagine a Dashboard Confessional show where everybody sings the whole songs just like that.

Avitable - Sounds like a good plan. Maybe next time.

Replicant - The talking at concerts has gotten pathetic. I paid close to $100 to see The Police and the guys behind me talked through the first few songs. I finally told them to go to the concourse if they needed to talk that much. It's one thing to talk to each other, but when I can hear you loud and clear over the deafening music, something is wrong. Same thing happened at the Beastie Boys. Guys in front of me kept calling people on their cell phones and yelling at them. Why do people go to shows of bands that they love and then talk the whole show? Doesn't make sense. The singing, I at least understand.

kapgar said...

I would've ripped the arm off one of them and beaten the other with it.

But that's just me. Maybe you'd take a whole other approach. Can't say for sure.

martymankins said...

Painful is such a nice word... more like "please stab my ear drums" would be more along the lines of relief from that.

Whit said...

Teenagers suck.