Two-Fer Tues....errr...Thursday

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1. Death? took exception to last night's post and she couldn't be more right. She has a storage area for the little things, it's just that the little things that she's wired to store are totally different than what I store. She stores little things about people she's met or seen. I store little things about, say...baseball or college gymnasiums. The problem is, that's all I store. She stores all those little things, all the knowledge she needs to be a doctor, and TONS of other super important things that keeps this household running. It's true, I probably would be fucked without her.

2. After the debate tonight, CBS talked to undecided voters they found at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (a red flag itself) about who they thought won the debate. This one lady said she thought Palin had won because "she seemed like she could've been one of us up there." Umm...that should be a reason that she lost the debate, don't you think? I don't want one of us up there running for vice president because let's be honest, we'd all be totally shitty vice presidents. I'd be the worst vice president EVER.

I couldn't be more sick and tired of people wanting their president or vice president or representatives or whatever to be like them. I want my president and my VP to be the smartest people that I've ever met. I want them to have gone to the best schools and colleges in the country and I sure as shit don't want them to come from the community college system. I want them to not want to have a beer with me because I wouldn't challenge them intellectually.

Sadly though, this is a very common theme these days and Sarah Palin was chosen specifically to capitalize on this idiotic market. Let's face it folks, we aren't that far away from electing President Camacho.


Hilly said...

Hahaha, I'd totally vote for Camacho! :)

martymankins said...

As much as I am interested in politics, I don't think I would make a good elected official. I think I would end up doing something stupid then having to try and cover it up or come clean.

I like being the little guy who just votes.

Becky said...

Okay, point #1 now makes a lot more sense now having read the post below... :)

I haven't watched the debate yet, but I really can't stand when the news goes to some "average joe" group and asks them their opinion.

Brandon said...

Hilly - I'd rather have President Camacho than Sarah Palin anyday.

Marty - I might actually like politics, but I'm only qualified for maybe City Council, if that even. Though this blog would probably make me unelectable.

Becky - I'm not a big fan of undecided voters anyway. Then to go get them from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas...well, that's just asking for trouble.

MC said...

Is it bad that I think I would make a good US representative/Senator and a terrible Canadian legislator?