Lazy Meme Thursday: Who and Why?

Posted by Brandon |

I'm stealing this little meme from RW....

List your Presidential votes, or non-votes, the candidate's party, explain why you voted that way in no more than four words, and list the guy who eventually won....

1996 - Bill Clinton (Democrat) - I dig his style - Clinton
2000 - Ralph Nader (Green) - Washington was solidly Democrat - Bush
2004 - John Kerry (Democrat) - Bush sucks so much - Bush
2008 - Barack Obama (Democrat) - Calm, cool, smart, ears - ???

So I'm one for three so far. A cool .333 batting average and a hall of fame candidate in baseball, fuck all in politics.

Two of my presidential votes don't make me very happy. I was in college in 2000 and Nader was a nice little fuck you to some people and since Washington was solidly Democrat, I was safe with that vote. But his insistence to keep going is pissing me off and I have to think that my vote in 2000 had something to do with it.

And though I voted for him, I never really liked Kerry and RW is right, we wouldn't be in that much better of a position with him in office than we are now. But I would never vote for Bush and I wasn't about to vote third party in such an important election.

I've been alive for 31 years now and for only 11 of those years has there been a Democrat in the White House - Carter and Clinton. That has to change. For God's sake, get out and vote on Tuesday and please vote Obama. You know it's the right thing to do.


RW said...

I seriously believe, as someone who has always been more conservative than liberal, Obama must absolutely win. I do not trust the future to a cancer-ridden militarist and a vacuous hairdo as a replacement.

And I am seriously thinking - for the first time in my life - that people who vote for McCain, no matter how honestly they arrived at their decision, are complete idiots.

martymankins said...

1984 - Walter Mondale - he was different than Reagan the superstar and I liked his changes - Reagan

1988 - Michael Dukakis - as a Democrat, he was the person I thought could break the 8 year GOP rule - Bush Sr.

1992 - Bill Clinton - his life in Arkansas didn't bother me, I liked that he was steadfast - Clinton

1996 - Bill Clinton - he was doing a great job, why change it up, plus he's a Democrat - Clinton

2000 - Al Gore - he had a good strong policy background and really had some good ways of keeping the Clinton rule going - Bush Jr.

2004 - John Kerry - he had a bad record for veteran support, but I wanted someone other than Bush - Bush Jr.

2008 - Barack Obama - focused and sincere and someone that seems ready to change things - ???? (we'll find out Tuesday)