Down With Pants! Endorses Obama

Posted by Brandon |

I am Kapgar's fantasy football bitch.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but after minutes of careful consideration (the amount of time it took Barack Obama to deliver his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention.)Down With Pants! is whole heartedly endorsing Barack Obama for president. In fact, I've even updated my banner to reflect my support (see above), and I've created my own campaign poster...

Feel free to steal it and plaster it wherever you would like (and yes, I know it's not super high quality).

Down With Pants! Up With Obama!


Whit said...

Nice job!

whall said...

Make Seven
Up Yours!

Avitable said...

I can stand behind both of those sentiments.

kapgar said...

I like the poster. Very nicely done. Even if I'm not yet decided, I still like it.

Oh, and can you post a few more times before the next round of games so I can keep reading how you're my bitch?

martymankins said...

Nice poster and nice editing job on your banner.