I Voted

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The worst part about voting absentee? Not getting an "I Voted" sticker. No wait, it's the not knowing whether or not you messed the thing up and if it will ever be counted. I get nervous whenever I have to fill an absentee ballot out because I want my vote counted, especially this year.

So who and what did I vote for? I vote in California, so I got to vote on a couple of doozies. Here's some highlights...

President - Barack Obama - Duh. To quote Sarah Silverman, "if you vote for McCain, to me you're a shit stain."

California Proposition 2 - Yes - This proposition is all about the chicken. Basically, if passed, chicken farms have to go cage free. I thought that the LA Times had a valid reason to vote no: they said that if passed, it would mean that California would start importing cheaper eggs from other states and that California eggs wouldn't be able to compete. Since I have no loyalty towards California I say hell yeah! Inhumane Washington eggs are going to tear that market up!

California Proposition 3 - Yes - Money for children's hospitals. I voted yes, although I'm tired of all these mooching sick kids already. Kidding.

California Proposition 4 - A big fat fucking NO - "Amends the state Constitution to require a physician to notify a minor patient's parent or other adult family member 48 hours before performing an abortion." A vote yes on this means that you are for pregnant teenage girls going without prenatal care for virtually their entire pregnancy as they hide it from their family, or for them going across the border or getting a back alley abortion somewhere, or their suicide. Plain and simple.

California Proposition 8 - Another big fat fucking NO - This is not how you should start out any proposition: "Eliminates Rights". I will vote no on virtually anything that starts out with "Eliminates Rights". Prop 8 is a constitutional amendment that eliminates the rights of same-sex couples to marry. Uh, No. Not going to happen here. I believe strongly that my gay and lesbian friends are not a second-class group of citizens and that they should have the exact same rights as my hetero ass. The. Exact. Same. Rights. Vote yes on this proposition and you are dead to me. Seriously.

California Propostion 12 - Yes - Damn mooching veterans and their home loans.

I am sad to be missing out on the big Dino Rossi/Chris Gregoire governor bukkake here in Washington, but it's worth it to vote NO on Prop 8 in California. But I strongly encourage Washington voters to keep that slimeball Rossi as far away from Olympia as possible.

So now it's time to starting planning my election night fun. Anybody having a party? I'm planning on getting tanked that night regardless of what happens. It's either hardcore celebration and dancing in the streets or crying in my beer and possible looting. I really don't want to have to turn over a cop car this year. Once is enough.


Anonymous said...

Hey, imagine that! You voted the same exact way that I just voted in my absentee ballot last night.

I also voted YES on the bullet train, and yes on the criminal crap (prop 5 and 6).

Go Obama! Go Gay Marriage!

Okay, done now. ;)

Brandon said...

I voted No on everything else except the bullet train. I love how one of the energy propositions is opposed by virtually everybody, Republicans and Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Washington absentee voters get the sticker! I recall getting the sticker the one time I voted absentee in Arizona, too. I got my ballot yesterday here in Utah and there was no sticker. Boo.

kapgar said...

Katie voted early (not absentee) but she didn't get the sticker.

I'm debating early voting simply to avoid the lines. But then there's that morbid fascination factor inherent in my psyche that wants to be there in the midst of all the madness and chaos and use it as an excuse to be late for work. ;-)

Brandon said...

Grant - I'm going to have to find my own sticker to wear on election day. I don't want to be looked at as one of these asses that doesn't vote.

Kapgar - I would prefer to vote on the day of the election. This early voting is for the birds.

Justin Scott said...

Thanks for the No on 8 vote. In a few years, Ryan and I plan to move back to California and get married, start a professional (no more college!) life and a family.

With help from voters like you, that just might be a possibility.

martymankins said...

I voted early at the polls, but didn't get a sticker. As Kapgar and I chatted, that sticker is a big deal... It's a real badge of honor, going back to work, being in the public.

Cool that you got to vote in Calif... VOTE NO on 8... right on! No one's civil rights should be eliminated.

Becky said...

I felt like our governor's race more like the lesser of two evils. I voted for Gregoire, though. I can't believe Prop 8 passed in CA.