DWP! Shameless Commerce Division: Baconnaise!

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I am Kapgar's fantasy football bitch. You're welcome Kapgar, enjoy it while you can.

Late last year, I made a discovery that changed my life. OK, that's a little strong, but Bacon Salt is so damn good, I put it on nearly everything and recommend it to anybody that will listen. And I'm still blown away by the idea and how the two guys that started the company and an amazing amount of viral marketing have taken it to the level that it is at today.

And it just keeps getting better. On October 30th, the Bacon Salt guys are introducing their newest genius product, Baconnaise. Damn, doesn't that sound good? I love mayonnaise, I love bacon, how can I not love Baconnaise? Hell, I already put Bacon Salt on my sandwiches, this will be so much easier.

And what better way to celebrate the launch of Baconnaise than mayonnaise wrestling (click on the poster to bigify)...

That's right, mayonnaise wrestling. 200 gallons of mayonnaise, to be exact. Yikes!

So if you are in Seattle, head on down to Heaven's Night Club for free BLT's, a mayo to Baconnaise exchange, mayo wrestling and music with all proceeds going to a good cause.

Hell yeah!


B.E. Earl said...

Nothing beats bacon. Nothing.

I've even had bacon-infused bourbon at a bar in NYC a few times. Mmmm...bacon-infused bourbon!!!

kapgar said...

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch...

Okay, I'd better stop or something bad will happen to my team. Oh wait, already did. Lost Romo. Go fig.