Pants Free Is The Way To Be

Posted by Brandon |

Being a stay at home daddy may be difficult, probably harder than any job that I've ever had - my client is very demanding - but it has allowed me to finally practice what I preach.

Tomorrow, I will be pants free for three weeks. Yes, I haven't worn long pants since April 5th and I can't really see a situation between now and, well, winter that I will need to wear them. Down With Pants! indeed.

To add to my very mature shorts only wardrobe, I am now also rocking the very adult camouflage Converse...

Last year I wrote about a letter to the editor that appeared in our local weekly that complained about how all the camouflage clothing in stores promotes and glamorizes war. To her I just have one thing to say today....How you like me now, you stupid, over PC bitch!?

In case you are wondering, I just turned 31. Go me!


Today in Down With Pants! history...

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2004 - Ex-NFL Player Pat Tillman Killed In Action In Afghanistan


DutchBitch said...

What would make it even cewler is to shave a camouflage pattern in your leghair... Wow! Do it!!! and post pics!!! heh

Avitable said...

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday!

MC said...

Wow Dutchy... that would be some commitment to a theme there.

Brandon said...

Dutchy - I can't even manage to shave my face right now, let alone my legs.

Avitable - No, last month. I just wanted to clarify that I'm not a teenager.

MC - Commitment to a theme definitely is not what I'm about.

Avitable said...

Yeah, I'm 31 and don't even own a pair of pants, so I can understand.

jesse said...

Our neighbor must have been wearing camouflage pants today because all I saw was a head, torso and arms pushing a lawn mower. You are all so stealthy!

Patti Mayo said...

Just found your blog off of Cotters in My Tummy...I'm adding to my favorites list.

I love the camo Converse's. I wanted a pair camo flip flops but the store only had them in mens and they were too big.

Ginormous Boobs said...

I turned 31 this year and I've made it a goal to go panty-less...oh wait...you said pants-less...nevermind

Brandon said...

Avitable - You are a true Down With Pants! hero.

Jesse - I misplaced my shoes today and I thought for sure I would never, ever find them again since they are camouflaged.

Patti - Welcome! Glad to have you on board.

GBoobs - I think you should go panty-less and pants-less. That's the spirit!

Karl said...

It's not like Avitable would wear pants, even if he owned some.