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30 seconds of cuteness specifically engineered for Grandmas and Great Grandmas. Get ready for a little surprise at the end!

Sometimes I do love California. Where else would you see a surfer swim by with his dog on the front of the board?

Welcome to the Topper Motel! Ventura's finest halfway house.

Little monster window art at Archie McPhee in Seattle.

My hometown of Olympia, Washington from the Capital Campus. Yes, California has surfers with dogs, but I need trees.


Dan said...

Was that the beginning of TMBG "never go to work" on the video?

Brandon said...

Dan - Yep, it sure was. Good ears.

Ginormous Boobs said...

Where's that place in Ventura?

And I swear, I see surfers with their dogs doing that at Silver Strand all the time.

Brandon said...

Ginormous boobs - The Topper is on Thompson, next to a liquor store and two other flophouses. Classy neighborhood.

The surfer is at Refugio State Beach up past Santa Barbara.

Are you in Ventura?