Idle Threats

Posted by Brandon |

Do you know what I hate? Idle threats.

Last night, our downstairs neighbors - Trixie and Billy - got into the loudest fight of their short marriage. Skank versus meathead. Let's get it on!

Yelling and screaming and banging shit and all of that good stuff. It was ridiculous. At one point early on, when it just seemed like a normal, idiotic but loud fight, I stomped on the floor. Then a demonic voice came up from the floor "I don't care if the neighbors hear us!" Damn! This is going to be good!

In fact, it got so good that we heard Trixie kick Billy's ass out. She told him to "get out and go back to mom's" and later we heard what was obviously her taking all of his stuff out of the closet and throwing it across the room.

At that point, nevermind the prospect of them waking up the baby, this was a good fight and the drama was totally awesome. I was stoked at the possibility of seeing her throw all his stuff out in the front driveway and then totally go into a psychotic rage like she used to do. That would've been the perfect and most satisfying way for it to end.

Fuck! Is that how it ended? No! Instead everything is totally kosher downstairs. Idle threats, Trixie. Fucking idle threats.

Not that I ever want anybody to breakup and lose their shit. But there are just some people that deserve all the drama that they bring on themselves. If it brings a little bit of entertainment into my life - and occasionally, their fights are better than anything on TV - I'm all for it. Fight on!

Just don't give me idle threats. Act on your crazy bullshit. Make it happen. Get it done.

I did laugh a little bit this morning when I could hear one of them fixing the closet doors. They must've knocked them off track. Ha ha! Those are a bitch to get back on.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I actually laughed at the end of the post cause I was picturing the closet door repair too!