Obey Holly

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When I was working for the great, threatened Archie McPhee - fine purveyors of the Librarian Action Figure, the Yodeling Pickle and the Avenging Narwhal - we leased the abandoned liquor store across the parking lot from the main store in Ballard and opened up an extension - More Archie McPhee.

It was decided, for some reason, that the ceiling would be repainted pink. But to jazz it up even more, everybody in the company was given one ceiling tile to decorate pretty much any way they want, with some time restrictions in place so that work didn't suffer.

This is my tile. It's one of the first decorated tiles visible when you walk in the front door. A few people went a little personal, most went with familiar McPhee imagery. I opted for the imagery - I ain't that creative - and chose the happy, parasite ridden Holly to star in her own OBEY poster. Too bad the Parasite Pals flopped and are barely sold in the store anymore.

Considering I have no artistic talent and have never done any painting, I think it turned out pretty good. I'm just proud to have something of my creation in my favorite store. It's a nice little memento to remind me of the great time I had working for Accoutrements and Archie McPhee.


Ginormous Boobs said...

That store ROCKS! It was the first place I wanted to visit when I got to Seattle.

I heart Seattle. And those cream cheese hotdogs. Totally divine.

Replicant said...

What do you mean "threatened" Archie McPhee? Are they going out of business.

Brandon said...

GB - Yeah, I love Seatle too. That's why we are moving back there very soon.

Replicant - Click the link. Washington just overreacted and signed the most hard ass anti-lead in toys law in the country. All toy stores may be heading out of Washington State very soon. Also, heard through the grapevine, the guy that owns all of those building right there passed away recently and his estate may sell the properties. Ballard is becoming nothing but condos, and they want that property bad.