Scrubs United Takes 2nd Place

Posted by Brandon |

Tonight was the much anticipated playoffs for our soccer team, Scrubs United - named because almost everybody is either a doctor or a nurse or a spouse of doctor or nurse and we all are a bunch of scrubs. We won our first game 4-2 over the second ranked team in the league (we were third) and then tied 1-1 through regulation in the championship game and lost in penalty kicks 3-1. We ended up taking second place.

That's OK, the previous three seasons were terrible as you can see in this post, and to even get to the championship game was an accomplishment for us, and me in particular since I played goalie for basically the first time ever. I had never been in a penalty kick situation so for me to even stop two of their kickers was decent.

Anyway, that's me with my second place medal at the after-party tonight. We didn't know we would be receiving medals and when they brought them out for us, everybody immediately perked up. It kind of felt like we won the game people were so happy. And someone mentioned that they were the exact same medals as the champions got, so there you go.


Dave2 said...

Bad Monkey totally scores! Congratulations!