DWP! Fantasy Football 2007 - Week 11

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We are getting down to the end of the regular season and the cream has risen to the top. Five of the six top teams notched victories this weekend distancing themselves from the bottom half of the league.

The biggest statement came from Snackiesonics who continued to score at an unbelievable clip with a 150-77 victory over Kapgar's Kapitans. Tom Brady and Terrell Owens led the way with 44 and 41 points adding their names to the record breaking and ever growing list of 40 point performers this season. The victory vaulted her into first place and leaves Kapgar alive for the championship round of the playoffs, but it would be a miracle for the ages for him to make it.

DutchBitch Drama is now in a tie for second place after beating up on my Down With Pants! squad. My sorry group of suckers couldn't beat a team that featured a running back that is out for the season with a blown up knee (Ronnie Brown). No, instead Randy Moss goes off for four touchdowns for 36 points and five other of her players scored in double digits en route to a 103-78 whooping. I hate Randy Moss and I hate my team.

Tied with Dutchy is Warped, who struggled to only his second loss of the season. Donovan McNabb was injured early and ended up with -1 points on the day. I know how a McNabb injury can ruin an otherwise good season, so I wish Warped luck in getting him back quickly. Knocking off Warped, 96-69, was the red hot CineRobots. Their third straight win has kept them in the playoff race.

But the more likely race for the playoffs is between CK Lions and johnnyhongkong, who both picked up victories in week 11 and are tied for the fourth and final playoff spot at 7-3-1 with only three games remaining. Both teams could easily end up out of the playoffs or could end up in first place by the end. The first five teams are so close, anything could happen.

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

johnnyhongkong (7-3-1) - 111 - Tony Romo - 33 points
Turbo Chic - (2-8-1) - 87 - Matt Schaub - 23 points

sinkintothepacific (4-7) - 73 - Jeff Garcia - 18 points
Roast Ducks (3-8) - 56 - Jamal Lewis - 18 points

DutchBitch Drama (8-3) - 103 - Randy Moss - 36 points
DOWN WITH PANTS! (4-6-1) - 78 - Matt Hasselbeck - 23 points

CK Lions (7-3-1) - 86 - Carson Palmer - 17 points
Honea Express (3-8) - 79 - Benson/Brown - 14 points

Snackiesonics (8-2-1) - 150 - Tom Brady - 44 points
Kapgar's Kapitans (4-6-1) - 77 - Brett Favre - 26 points

CineRobots (5-6) - 96 - Willis McGahee - 18 points
Warped (7-2-2) - 69 - Marshall/Galloway - 14 points

With Turbo Chic, Honea Express, Roast Ducks and sinkintothepacific definitely eliminated from the championship playoff bracket and Down With Pants! and Kapgar's Kapitan's on life support, there are a lot of teams that could play spoiler for the six teams currently battling for four playoff spots. In week 12, cellar dwelling Turbo Chic could hurt Snackiesonics and DWP! could cripple CK Lions.

But the games to watch this week are between the contenders. CineRobots tries to keep hope alive against DutchBitch Drama while johnnyhongkong goes for his fourth straight win and improve his playoff position against Warped.

Here are the matchups in week twelve. League rank in parentheses...

Snackiesonics (1) vs. Turbo Chic (12)
DutchBitch Drama (2) vs. CineRobots (6)
Warped (3) vs. johnnyhongkong (4)
CK Lions (5) vs. DOWN WITH PANTS! (8)
Kapgar's Kapitans (7) vs. Roast Ducks (10)
sinkintothepacific (9) vs. Honea Express (11)


DutchBitch said...

Go Hilly Go Hilly Go Hilly!!!

I think it was the infamous Fab who just commented on my blog:
"The only thing better than a woman on top is TWO women on top!"

I think nobody can deny that... *smirk*

Oh well, enjoying it while it lasts...

MC said...

And two foxy ladies at that. ;)

kapgar said...

Thanks for the show of support.

Don't worry, I've pretty much given up on myself already anyway.

CP said...

Team Dutchy and Hilly over here! Ladies are in da house, y'all!!! Hollah!

Happy Thanksgiving DWP.


Hilly said...

After last year, I am still shocked when I win. Seriously.

Replicant said...

My early start w/ all that horrible luck was too much to overcome...I'm barely hanging in there but I think I'm eliminated too.