Project Runway Season Four

Posted by Brandon |

Is anybody watching this season of Project Runway? I haven't read a whole lot about it yet around the blogsphere and was wondering if anybody even really cares.

I think it's been pretty good through the first three weeks and most everybody is interesting. I have a couple questions though...

1. Can this season be any gayer?
2. Can the contestants wear any more hats?
3. Can Jack, the HIV positive, bodybuilding, gay, model, look any more roided out?
4. Can someone please kick Christian in the ass?

One quick tip to make it even more fun to watch: Whenever Ricky - the multi-hatted wonder - does anything good or starts crying, let out a big "Choo-Choo" and make the train whistle motion in honor of the conductors hat he wears. It sounds weird, but it works.


Avitable said...

I can barely watch Top Chef, and at least that's about food. I've never even watched a Project Runway commercial.

Dave2 said...

1. Only if Kevin gets voted off.
2. Sure they can. Ricky can start wearing two hats.
3. Not unless he's standing next to The Hulk.
4. Christian is kicking his own ass right now.