iTunes Blackout

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Damn you iTunes. I went to download an album tonight only to find that I needed to upgrade my iTunes to the lastest version. First of all, I hate that you have to go through and totally and completely download and reinstall iTunes when they do an upgrade. Not that it matters to me anymore.

With their latest upgrade, iTunes no longer supports anything other than XP or Vista for Windows leaving me in the iTunes dark. We still run Windows 2000, which is ridiculous, I know, but it's what we have and I don't plan on spending however many dollars for XP or Vista until we get around to buying a new computer, and that won't be for a little while even though we could use one. There are a ton of other purchases to make before that.

So I can't download music from iTunes anymore. I guess that's OK, I've been feeling bad about my iTunes purchases anyway. We have a great independent music store in town and in this day and age, stores like Salzers need any help they can get. But it's still a bummer. I had a list of songs that I wanted to download that I sure as hell won't be buying the albums that they are on.

So thanks iTunes! I guess you're happy losing all of us pre-XP operating system users business. Where in the world am I supposed to find Naughty By Nature's O.P.P. now?


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You know, if you go to Newegg.com and buy a cheap piece of hardware, you can get the OEM version of Windows XP for a significant discount legitimately.