Dude, it was one busy weekend. My best friend (the one I gave this toast for last year) came down to visit and to catch a football game. The football stunk, so we went to another. That game stunk, so we went to a soccer game the next day. That was pretty good, so I sent him on his way and back home. Enough of his jinxes.

The bad news is we missed Dave LA. Oh well, maybe next time. When you have an opportunity to see your favorite teams lose big time, you can't pass that up. I know I would've dominated the bowling so it's probably good that I didn't go and show everybody up. Nobody would've liked me.

Anyway, here's a little bit more about our big Saturday...

First of all, holy shit! It rained. For the first time since April (no joke) the heavens opened up and fabulous, wonderful, glorious water dropped from the sky and fucked up traffic. Do I care about traffic? No. I hooked my iPod up to my stereo and celebrated wetness. I miss the Northwest.

So like I said, we went to see my friend's Washington State Cougars take on the University of Southern California Trojans. He came down to visit us but chose this weekend so he could see his Cougs. We left at halftime, it was brutal. The highlight of the game was a rainbow. A frigging rainbow!

So we calculated how long it would take us to get to the Rose Bowl from the Coliseum and made the executive decision that we could get there to see most of the game. We did get to the parking area in time, but because the parking at the Rose Bowl is so crazy, we ended up walking for at least a mile, maybe more before we got into the game. Above, you see the game's highlight, the Huskies running onto the field at halftime. It was tied 10-10 then but ended with a 44-31 UCLA victory. Brutal.

By the time we got out of the Rose Bowl it was almost midnight. Luckily we found a Tommy's Hamburgers that was still open and grubbed down on a some chili burgers and some chili fries. Trust me Dave LA'er's, you are lucky that we didn't show up after that meal. By the way, the picture above is of the Tommy's breakfast sandwich. There's chili on it! Yuck! Or yum! I'm not totally sure.

By the time we finally got home, we were beat and it showed. A day of beer, walking, bad football and chili on everything will do that to you.

As a side note...Tonight, I risked my life on the side of the 101 freeway to retrieve a Wazzu Cougars car flag that flew off of our car as we left Ventura. I'm not sure how it ended up on the shoulder because it landed right in the middle of the on-ramp. And I really can't believe that it survived with only minor amounts of damage.


Whit said...

That chili at Tommy's does not like me. It reminds me of public school lunch chili.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm gonna guess that chili plus bending over while bowling is a lethal combination ;).

MC said...

I guess it depends on where you are sitting really.

Dave2 said...

See? You have nobody but yourself to blame here... if you had come to Dave L.A., I'm sure the game would have been totally awesome, and one of the best matches in the history of the sport! :-D

Anonymous said...

Damn, great pic of your friend....kinda looks like a pic i have from July 2006....in Seattle....in a hotel room....oh wow...same guy...almost same position....imagine calling your bro, asking about the coug score, and having him call back and saying that he is at the Huskie game...Jim