2007 DWP! Fantasy Football - Week One

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There will be two posts tonight. One for the fantasy football junkies in the house and one for all the rest of you. First, fantasy football...

The 2007 season of DWP! Fantasy Football got off to a roaring start this weekend. The defending champion CK Lions picked up where they left off with a solid 98-70 victory over my sorry bunch of stiffs. DutchBitch Drama also had a fine opening week with a 108-58 slaughtering of CineRobots. Not even she could've predicted Jon Kitna and Randy Moss would have such good opening games?

But the week belonged to Snackiesonics and her 120 point outburst. How in the world did we allow her to put together a threesome like Ladanian Tomlinson, Terrell Owens and Tom Brady? I have a bad feeling we are going to be chasing her all season or at least until TO has his inevitable freakout.

Here the whole slate of scores with leading scorers from Week One...

DutchBitch Drama (1-0) - 108 - Jon Kitna - 26 points
CineRobots (0-1) - 58 - Chad Johnson - 15 points

johnnyhongkong (1-0) - 98 - Tony Romo - 42 points
Warped (0-1) - 96 - James/Witten - 17 points

Snackiesonics (1-0) - 120 - Tom Brady - 29 points
Turbo Chic - (0-1) - 91 - Andre Johnson - 18 points

Roast Ducks (1-0) - 90 - Peyton Manning - 29 points
Kapgar's Kapitans (0-1) - 73 - Reggie Wayne - 21 points

Honea Express (1-0) - 71 - Steelers Defense - 20 points
sinkintothepacific (0-1) - 48 - Laveranues Coles - 17 points

CK Lions (1-0) - 98 - Plaxico Frigging Burress? - 32 points
DOWN WITH PANTS! (0-1) - 70 - Hasselbeck/Hanson - 14 points

The marquee matchup of week two is between DutchBitch Drama and CK Lions. Will Moss implode like he always seems to do. Will Kitna live up to his promises and continue his outstanding play? Was that Plaxico Frigging Burress' best game ever? The Week Two matchups are...

vs. johnnyhongkong
Snackiesonics vs. Warped
Roast Ducks vs. Turbo Chic
Honea Express vs. Kapgar's Kapitans
CK Lions vs. DutchBitch Drama
sinkintothepacific vs. DOWN WITH PANTS!

Let the trash talk begin! Anthony - you up for a side bet?


MC said...

Well, I think I could have made it worse because I had been considering putting Eli in on Sunday.... I think that would have put me into #2.

DutchBitch said...

Yihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Snackie. Way to Go girl!!!

anthony said...

I LOVE SIDE BETS! count me in.

Hilly said...

I have to say that after being in last place last year, I feel so shocked right now ;).

Good luck this week, everybody!

Brandon said...

MC - Thanks for having some mercy on me.

Dutchy - Not too bad yourself. I like Kitna to keep it going.

Anthony - Any ideas for a bet? I'm trying to think of one.

Snackie - Your team is stacked. I wouldn't be surprised if you go undefeated for a while.

Whit said...

I feel pretty good getting a win with Brees having the worst game ever. I expect to rebound nicely.

gary said...

Hey Brandon, you might want to update this post. It seems Yahoo forgot to give my Jax D credit for the fumble they picked up on Sunday, so johnny and I ended up tied in week one.

Yay! I'm unbeaten for now, until Hilly whoops me. Damn Brady, TO and LT. :(

August said...

why am I always stacked up against the league leader in game one here? Last year it was Johnny Hong Kong who kicked my sorry fantasy football arse.

I have Tom Brady in my other league and I was happy for that though.