Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and, is that Mayo?

Posted by Brandon |

You know, I was doing so well with this blogging thing. I feel like I had hit a stride, was making some new friends, had a ton of subjects to post about and otherwise having a good time with it. Then a week like this comes around and I laze out. I skipped a day on Wednesday just because nothing came to me, then Thursday I had a softball game in Simi Valley (35 miles from here) at 9:00 so I didn't get home until real late and was tired. Yesterday Death? convinced me to take the day off of work and go to Disneyland, so again we were out late. Add all that up, and you get one boring week at Down With Pants! Oh well.

And I've got to get my butt in gear and get going pretty soon, so I'll keep this short as well. But let me introduce to you the winner of the DWP! Mascot Challenge - the one, the only, the creepy - CHESTER THE MOLESTING BLT!!!

Congratulations Chester, do us proud! Do you have anything to say?

"Um...I'd like to thank God, my parole officer, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and....Um...and to all of those that doubted me and to all of my critics and accusers, I have just one thing to say...DOWN WITH PANTS!"

Um...thanks Chester. Oh god. What have I gotten myself into?


MC said...

Wow... I thought KFed had that in the bag on that last day. What a comeback.

Incurable Insomniac said...

Yay for Chester! Yay for DWP!

Dave2 said...

I sure hope that's veggie bacon, because I'd like to take a bite out of that delicious Chester BLT!

Anonymous said...

Wha? I thought K-Fed was winning? Ah well, Chester was my second fave anyay!

Mmmmm, BLT sound goooood.

I like the turkey bacon...nah, I'm not a wussy or anything ;).