2007 DWP! Fantasy Football - Week Two

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Again, two posts tonight. One for the fantasy football junkies and one for everybody else.

First of all, I would like to announce the creation of the Chester the Molesting BLT High Scorer Award. It will be presented to each week's high scoring team. In general, it was a very high scoring week with even most of the losing teams posting scores that normally would be winners. But week three belonged to RW's Roast Ducks who scored a 135-95 victory over Turbo Chic thanks in part to Steve Smith and his 33 points. Very impressive indeed.

Close on his heels was the CK Lions who improved to 2-0 with a 133-88 beating of DutchBitch Drama. Carson Palmer had one of the biggest days in fantasy quarterback history scoring 49 points (too bad his real life team didn't play any D).

Also this past week, a scoring change was made and the Warped vs. johnnyhongkong game from week one was changed from a victory for johnnyhongkong to a tie. Both teams improved their records with victories this week and join CK Lions and Roast Ducks as the only remaining unbeatens.

Here's the whole slate of scores with leading scorers from week two...

johnnyhongkong (1-0-1) - 107 - Tony Romo - 22 points
CineRobots (0-2) - 88 - Chad Johnson - 32 points

Warped (1-0-1) - 106 - Joey Galloway - 25 points
Snackiesonics (1-1) - 96 - Tom Brady - 27 points

CK Lions (2-0) - 133 - Carson Palmer - 49 points
DutchBitch Drama (1-1) - 88 - Randy Moss - 22 point

Roast Ducks (2-0) - 135 - Steve Smith - 33 points
Turbo Chic - (0-2) - 95 - Andre Johnson - 24 points

Kapgar's Kapitans (1-1) - 112 - Young/R. Johnson - 18 points
Honea Express (1-1) - 81 - Drew Brees - 15 points

DOWN WITH PANTS! (1-1) - 85 - Matt Hasselbeck - 15 points
sinkintothepacific (0-2) - 55 - Marc Bulger - 18 points

There are no real marquee games in week three. Most everybody is very evenly matched especially the big Kapgar's Kapitans/Down With Pants! matchup. I'm predicting a big DWP! victory in that one. Also keep an eye on Snackiesonic's trio of studs against CineRobots, who really doesn't want to start 0-3.

The most interesting contest will be when the league's highest scoring team, CK Lions, face off with the league's lowest scoring team, singkintothepacific. Can Anthony's New Orleans tandem of Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush finally contribute? Will the Lion's Carson Palmer come anywhere near his 49 points from this week?

vs. Snackiesonics
vs. DutchBitch Drama
Roast Ducks vs. Warped
Honea Express vs. Turbo Chic
CK Lions vs. sinkintothepacific
Kapgar's Kapitans vs. DOWN WITH PANTS!

I can see it now...Kapgar and Vince Young crying at the feet of Matt Hasselbeck and my powerehouse DWP! squad. Good luck, you're going to need it.


MC said...

After watching that Cincy game, I was pretty confident going into Sunday night that I had pulled off a victory. Of course, I know that they aren't all going to be that way and I may have some tough games ahead of me.

DutchBitch said...

WTF! I want my money back! I sent it to your paypal account and you assured me that I wouldn't lose this round! Sheesh!

kapgar said...

Dream on, buddy boy.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe that freaking Tomlinson only gave me like 5 points? What the heck?

anthony said...

I should really keep my handcuffing to the bedroom...

Replicant said...

yr right, i don't want to start 0-3. team scores 116 points and still lose by double digits. now stephen jackson is down. it's gonna be an ugly year.

MC said...

Man, I was going to be a total a**hole and pick up his backup, but that would have been cold, so cold.