Modest Mouse!

Posted by Brandon |

We just got back from the Modest Mouse show at the Santa Barbara Bowl. It was quite the show.

I've now seen them at all stages of their career. I saw them right after they released their debut CD and the college radio station I was DJ'ing for at the time was very instrumental in getting them nationwide airplay. They were just three young guys who were drunk and drugged out of their minds and couldn't keep the rhythm, couldn't tune their instruments and barely knew their own songs.

Then I saw them about seven years ago when they were very loud, very angry and totally hit or miss. Luckily they were on the night I saw them and they just tore Columbus, Ohio an new one. At the time, it was one of the best show I had ever been to.

And tonight, after some success and some refining it was awesome and somewhat gratifying to see them rock an almost full Bowl. The addition of former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has finally made them a consistently great band.

It's surprising to me that Isaac Brock, Jeremiah Green and Eric Judy made it far enough to even have the chance to be one of the best and definitely the most unique band today.

(Admittedly, the picture above isn't all that good, but it's the best one that I got. I hate taking pictures at shows because of how bright the screen is, not that it stops anyone else.)