Your Weekend Harold and Kumar Fix

Posted by Brandon |

I hesitate to post anything from YouTube today because I was just checking my stats and found a referral from I Talk Too Much that may or may not have come from someone reviewing my site. The address looked suspiciously like a post preview, so judgment day could be coming soon and they seem to hate people who post YouTube videos. But I love this clip, so what the hell.

I just hope that they reviewed the site after I found massive problems in how the page displayed in IE. It worked fine before, but sometime recently it went haywire. I couldn't fix it, so I scrapped the three column format and we are back to a two column layout. I'm not finished updating and fixing, so please bear with me. I have nothing else to do this weekend, so hopefully I can get this place looking spiffy again soon.

Goddamn, they are going to tear me a new one, aren't they?


Mrs. Brain Bomb said...

It doesn't look like you did too bad. You got two smacks and that's pretty damn good. Congrats!