A Slippery Subject

Posted by Brandon |

I keep seeing ads for KY Sensual Mist Personal Lubricant and I keep making the same bad joke, just a little bit different each time...

"I like to be personally lubricated."
"I, personally, like to be lubricated."
"Personally, I like to be lubricated."

Any other combinations? I need to be ready with one so I can bring the funny when the ad comes on again.


Crunchy BC said...

Here are my three suggestions:

Getting personally lubricated always makes me a little misty.

Personally, if a person were to personally lubricate me with a misty lubricant, I'd find it very sensual, but that's just me

Grease up my junk, you whore!

kapgar said...

Personally lubricate this!

Avitable said...

Loquaciously, I like to be personal.

I am, like totally, personally lubricated.

mist1 said...

Interesting...I may have to borrow some of these.

Sometimes, when my self-esteem needs a boost, I go to Home Depot and ask where the lubricant aisle is.

Jim said...

To be personally lubricated....I LIKE!

MC said...

Well, you could always do a crossover joke.

KY Sensual Mist Personal Lubricant... apply directly to the forehead.