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MC over at Culture Kills... has got me hooked on The Strip Generator. Here is my first attempt in which I imagine what my inauguration day speech will be like once I'm elected president. Note that when I saved the strip, it goofed up the first frame a bit...

Yeah, like after writing all of this crap I could ever be president, I shot that straight out of the water. This blog may preclude me from any elected office. That and my lack of a college degree or the motivation to run.

You know what I am looking forward to? In 30 years, someone will run for president or major office that had a MySpace page full of pictures of them doing beer bongs and keg stands from when they were a teenager. Somebody will dig up an archive of the page and it will bring down their entire campaign. It will be the funniest scandal ever.


Avitable said...

Thanks for reminding me about Strip Generator - I'm going to go make my own now!

MC said...

I do know people are getting whacked hard for stuff they have on their Facebook accounts.

Karl said...

Everybody MUST cut Footloose!