Wexler Loves Cocaine and Prostitutes

Posted by Brandon |

Florida congressman Robert Wexler admitted on the Colbert Report tonight that he "loves cocaine because it's a fun thing to do" and that he "loves prostitutes for the following reasons...they are fun to do" and that together, they would really be fun to do.

Update: the shocking video proof is here!


DutchBitch said...

I think the most scandalous stuff that happened over here is a parliament member who faked a disease and our prime-minister falling off a skateboard... That Dutch for ya...

kitty kat said...

Cocaine and prositutes in '08!

It's nice to see that our government isn't only on drugs, and fucking whores, but they follow up such awesome admissions with "I do it casue it's fun to do!" He should have put his finger in his nose and stirred his brains around a bit, maybe then something worthwhile would spew forth from his mouth.

christine said...

finally! a politician who tells the truth.