Smacked, And It Feels So Good

Posted by Brandon |

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Didn't I say that I was about to get smacked? Sassy Sadie gave me two smacks "for not sucking as bad as the other two", which I'm actually pretty happy with. Like I predicted, she reviewed the site while it was totally messed up. As bad as it looked, I'm surprised that I didn't just get the boot.

Yes, I do have the Black Template Of Death. I like it like that, and I like the background too. Have you ever run across a blog that looks like this? You have to give it up, it's definitely unique.

Shit brown? That is obviously orange. The colors come from the original blogger dots template that I started with and it has always worked for me. The sidebar links are underlined because they looked awful un-underlined. Trust me, it looks way better this way.

The blogroll and links are long, I will admit, but I want people to click on them and enjoy some of my favorite sites, so that's why they are there. I always click on people's blogrolls, but I rarely click on their drop down boxes. I guess this is just a difference in blogging theory.

Overall, I'm very glad to be reviewed. I really enjoy I Talk Too Much and I think it is only fair that if I'm going to comment and rip on other blogs, that they should be able to rip on mine. That being said, I think it is lame that the reviewers don't post their own personal blogs. It's cowardly. If someone says my blog is "crap-a-diddly-crap crap crap" I would love to see what they are doing that is so great.

The only opinions that I truly respect are the people who comment and open themselves up to criticism too. To all of them, good or bad, I thank you, and keep up the good work.


SassySadie said...

My blog is out there for everyone to find. ;) You are a damn fun read.

Ellie said...

here through I talk 2 much..I can't wait to be reviewed. I have a black blog too...and don't blog roll...and don't condence my previous posts...and I have music!! I know they just luuuv music. (not really). I agree with you on all your points...but still am looking forward to getting smacked..check me out!

Webmiztris said...

2 smacks is pretty decent! good job!

charles ravndal said...

Nice that you got 2 smacks! You just have to ask them about their own blogs and surely you will get an answer.

Peeved Michelle said...

I agree about the black background, but some of their issues are just personal preferences that don't have a basis in usability standards.

kapgar said...

Woo hoo! Not a bad smacking overall.

Avitable said...

I like the Black Template of Death. It should be renamed the Black Template of Delight or the Black Template of Destiny.

Karl said...

Yeah, you and I share a lot of the same vibes when it comes to the bitches. I agree with a lot of their criteria, disagree with other bits. The underlined links...yeah, you'll never convince me that links shouldn't be underlined. I'm old school.

Two smacks, though, man. Good stuff.