A Quick Sports Update

Posted by Brandon |

Last night I attended the Washington Huskies 68-64 victory over the North Carolina Wolfpack. Both teams struggled and both stars, Nate Robinson for the Huskies and Julius Hodge for the Wolfpack, had off games. Brandon Roy surprised everybody by returning and scoring 10 points including a huge tip dunk late in the game that brought us to our feet and helped turn the tide for the Huskies. He also had the big defensive play that stopped the Wolfpack from tying the game with only a couple of seconds left.

It was an impressive win because the Huskies were totally taken out of their game offensively but were still able to overcome their struggles and make the big plays down the stretch against a really good team. After this win teams are going to take notice and know that the only way they can beat the Huskies is by playing their absolute best game of the season. It's going to be a great ride once the Pac-10 season starts.

Bitchiest thing overheard at the game: A little tiny waif of a girl sitting behind us talking about the cheersquad. "...and they are kind of fat, they are a little chunky. Look at that little chunk on the end closest to us. She's not the prettiest thing in the world." Personally Down With Pants! would take the "chunk" over that nasty rail any day.

In other sports news, my kind of alma mater (I never quite graduated, whoops!), Bowling Green State University has a football team playing on Wednesday in the GMAC Bowl, a basketball team that has started 5-1 on and a hockey team that has made vast improvements over the past few years standing at 8-6-2 on the season but suffered some tough news when they learned that their star goalie, Jordan Sigalet was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Good job Falcons, why couldn't you have done all of this great stuff when I was there?