Pho Shizzle It's An Update!

Posted by Brandon |

I have both good news and bad news. First the bad...Pho Shizzle isn't real. It's a photoshoped picture apparently originating from Fark. I kind of figured it was a joke especially since I couldn't find one in the yellow pages anywhere. "It isn't a real place, just cheap photoshoppery", says Dan Shahin of Wacky Hijinks, the site I originally got the picture from.

Now for the good news...Pho Shizzle isn't real! I can continue to use my stupid joke that if I opened up a Vietnamese Noodle shop I'd call it Pho Shizzle. Thank you to all the people on other blogs who have exposed this as a fake and thank you to Dan for commenting on my blog and letting me know. I appreciate it because I only have so many good jokes and need all the help I can get.