Pho Shizzle They Stole My Idea

Posted by Brandon |

Ok, so I was sure I wasn't the first to have this idea and now it's been proven. However, it's been my joke for the last few years that if I ever opened up a Pho shop, I'd call it Pho Shizzle. Surprisingly people thought it was a pretty funny joke and actually a good idea. I would've been happy to give up my idea to someone if they wanted to open up Pho Shizzle in Seattle because I haven't the foggiest clue about running a Pho place.

This Pho Shizzle aparently is somewhere in either LA or the Bay Area, nothing I read says where it is located, but it isn't in Seattle. So if you are thinking of opening a Pho restaurant in Seattle, please call it Pho Shizzle because I would so eat at it. Now if only I could find a restaurant called Pho Sho. Feel free to steal that one too. Picture stolen from Wacky Hijinks.


Anonymous said...

you fool. you know how valuable ideas are? how much money companies put into coming up wiht ideas like that. evne if you dont know how to run a pho place, hook up iwth a firend, or w/e. COPYRIGHT the darn thing. if a chain starts, ROYALTIES for a lifetime. pho SHO. THAt one too. take action. if not, i will