Peanuts in a Bottle

Posted by Brandon |

While surfing Blog Explosion yesterday I found a post on a blog about a line in a Tim McGraw song called "Back When" that mentions Peanuts in a Bottle. After some research this blogger (If you are reading this, I thought I saved your URL but lost it somehow and I can't find you again, please post it in the comments if you see this) discovered what he was talking about was drinking Dr. Pepper with peanuts in the bottom of the bottle, which apparently they did "Back When".

This peaked my interest so I decided to try it. I went to Oh No Mr. Bill's, our local neighborhood convenience store, and purchased one bottle of Dr. Pepper. I then put a handful of Planter's peanuts into the bottle, sealed it up, shook it and let it sit in the fridge for about fifteen or twenty minutes.

After watching a bit of the Monday Night Football game (nice work Seahawks, you suckers) I went and grabbed the bottle. About half of the peanuts soaked up the Dr. Pepper and sank to the bottom while the other half just floated on top. I took a big gulp of the soda and got a bunch of peanuts at the same time. Neither the soda or the peanuts really seemed to change flavor at all and it was a very weird feeling to get chunks while taking a drink. I really have no idea how anyone could possibly drink bubble tea now. The chunks made me want to blow my own chunks right back into it.

After forcing down the remaining peanuts that floated on top I proceeded to drink more of the Dr. Pepper without peanuts until I got to about a quarter left. That's when I started getting the soaked peanuts. These were actually very tasty but the soda still didn't taste any different and the chunk factor was still there.

I think that I would probably try this again and let the peanuts soak for much longer, strain them out and eat them individually. One of the main things I don't like about peanuts is how dry they are. I love peanut sauces and peanut butter but usually don't like plain peanuts out of a can. Soaking them in Dr. Pepper got rid of that dryness and they picked up the flavor magnificently and were very enjoyable.