"Next Blog" Roundup 2

Posted by Brandon |

Again we click on that magical button on the top of this website to see what mysterious and sometimes scary places Blogger will take us. Here is a little excerpt from the first five blogs that are thrown my way...

1. sToP By aT JaNNieViLLe - yOO..sUp..To aLL tHe viSiToRs To My bLoG!weLcoMe! hOPe u aiN'T To BoRed by iT~!HaViNg Lost My True LoVe! i CouLdn't pOssiBiLy ThiNk oF ANythiNg, buT i HaVe grEaT frens suPPortiNg aLL the wAy! Dis PoeM iS DeDiCaTeD To HiM WheReeVer u Are!

2. KC's Journal - i knew it was going to be messy when i told her, but i knew it be worse if she found out on the interim...and it probably still will be bad when i get the interim...but o well, fuck hell....teehee i rhyme when desensitized! parents are right though, i dont' get into yale with C's in drivers ed...

3. It's Over - my sis is begging me to let me share my blog with her...cause she's lazy to make one herself ( lazy pig..)...but obviously i'd sae no...ANYBODY HERE TT WOULD LIKE TO SHARE UR BLOG WITH MY SIS???hahah...it's like so late now ( or rather early in the morning)...ahha...i'm LAME!!!

4. CaRyN LoVeS eDwIn FoReVa!* - yo. changed mui songy to sylvester's its mui life ^^ gees. isit nyce? buden too bad he's not da sg idol. hahas. =]ps: feli dunch go krazee ova it wor =p if u wan ta webbie msg mui in msn when im online bahs! keke.

5. dial it down and listen up - kill me, kill mee nowww! exams are here and im not ready.

Five straight teeny bopper sites! (I'm only 27 and yet I really sound like an old fogey sometimes) Ok, I don't like to review people's sights because who am I to judge, you've seen my blog. But seriously now, what is the deal with the writing on these blogs? I think it is much harder to write like that than it is to write normally. Especially the ones that capitalize everything. Am I missing something? What gives? If anybody has any insight into this phenomenon, please let me know.