Yanni In Spokane

Posted by Brandon |

Today I made a quick jaunt (five hours) to Spokane for the night and after dining at the incredible Spokane institution, The Onion, I picked up Spokane's weekly entertainment magazine, The Pacific Northwest Inlander. In The Inlander there is one of the all time greatest music reviews for the Yanni show at the Spokane Arena which, sadly, we missed. The following is a quick snippet. Enjoy!

"...With grandiose, windswept arrangements and fabulous flowing locks to match, Grecian heartthrob Yanni reels off one swooshy album after another, vacillating between the romantic, the melodramatic and the heroic with the dexterity of Danielle Steele. His live performances are massive spectacles of light, sound, misty watercolor memories and fog. While the Spokane Arena might be a step or two down from the Taj Mahal....it certainly should be more than capable of containing - even elevating to dizzying new heights - the supernatural, otherworldly majesty that is Yanni..."