Buy Some Crap From Me!

Posted by Brandon |

Thanks Arkansas! Thanks Georgia! Thanks Montana! Thanks Oklahoma! Thanks Ohio!

Because of you I have realized something important. I am incredibly immoral. I voted for John Kerry for president, a man who is so immoral that a record number of voters turned out to vote for George W. Bush despite everything that this president has done wrong.

If being for a woman's right to choose and against amending the constitution just because two dudes want to get married means that John Kerry, myself and 48% of the voters are immoral, than so be it. If being anti-choice and anti-equality is what morality is all about, than immorality it is for me. I'm immoral and proud damnit!

So who's with me? Show your immoral pride by wearing it across your chest. For just this occasion I have created a t-shirt emblazoned with the label that all of us Kerry supporters have been given by all those moral folks in the South and Midwest. "Immoral" is written straight across the chest in beautiful low-tech Pixeltees pixelated fashion (with a shameless little plug - ok let's not kid ourselves, it's pretty friggin huge - for Down With Pants! on the back).

immoral t-shirt

So grab yourself a t-shirt and show the world that you are an equality loving, pro-choice, immoral liberal!