"Next Blog" Roundup

Posted by Brandon |

See that little button on the top of the page that says "Next Blog", click it I dare you....It will lead you to some pretty scary places on the web. Not that DOWN WITH PANTS! is that great either, read long enough and I'm sure you can find a hundred or so posts that could make this list. Anyway, here are five snipets of the horror that you can find by hitting the "Next Blog" button...

1. Kelleigh's Life in a Page - "Sunday, after work, I went to lunch at Panda King. I missed church because of work, but all we needed was Pastor John and we could have broken out in another service during lunch."

2. Bangs and a Ponytail - "sadly enough, weezer makes me think of vance, who walked by on friday (oh friday - so hilarious). I didn't recognise him...they stopped and briefly chatted, i was bemused but cool. but f that, back to weezer..."

3. Om Improvement : Steady, Comfy, Happy, Yoga. - "Nothing prepared me for the adventure that was teaching yoga and making all of my life part of yoga. There are many things I have learnt since I started on this path. Not the least are the simplicity of yoga's message and the profundity of the consequences of choosing to live in this simple way."

4. My Life Is A Hollow Grave - "i usually play music. And so happened my Dad came in. I was listening to Simple Plan's new album : "Still Not Getting Any" ...Then he started to say that the lyrics were too negative and started "lecturing" me? Bleagh...Then he thinks i will follow the song..."

5. TastyFOOD - "only cool people can like taking back sunday and theres only a few people who are cool. everyone else is posing and needs to get a life and new band. k thx."