The Election...

Posted by Brandon |

Well, I wish I had something to add to the discourse about today's election, however I'm just nervously sitting here at work watching other blogs (Boing Boing, kottke.org, Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo) most of whom are having massive trouble because everybody has been checking them out.

So far it sounds like things are going pretty smooth and Kerry is doing a little bit better than expected. Turnout is definitely up resulting in hours long lines in some places. Right now on Electoral-Vote.com (it is also awfully slow due to high volume) the race is neck and neck with Kerry ahead 262-261.

How did I vote? Well, I voted absentee late last week with relative ease. Thankfully we have a pretty self-explanatory system here in Washington for absentee voting. Unfortunately you never know exactly what will happen to your ballot once you place it in the mailbox. One other thing I hate about absentee voting....no "I Voted" stickers to wear all day.

Anyway, I voted almost completely Democrat including Kerry for President and Gregoire for Governor. However for the first time in my voting history I voted for a Republican choosing Sam Reed for Secretary of State. Everything I read about his term as SOS in the past few years sounded good (thankfully he is a moderate Republican) and the Democrat challenger didn't impress me in any way. I hated to do it because I don't think very highly of anybody who claims to be a Republican but he sounded like a better candidate and has done a great job so far.

Soon I'll be heading home and plopping my butt down in front of the TV to watch the results come in. I'm fully prepared to stay up all night long again watching the debacle unfold if necessary. Let's hope things unfold the way we want and we can get back on the right track. Kerry isn't a perfect candidate and change may not be sudden, but at least we will have a man making important decisions from a moderate to liberal perspective instead a G.I. Joe, conservative to pure evil perspective.