Barack Obama

Posted by Brandon |


One of the huge positives to come out of last night was the election of Barack Obama to the Senate. He just plain whooped that nut job Alan Keyes thankfully. He gave an amazing speech afterwards and Daily Kos has some excerpts from it up now.

I think the Obama in '08 talk is a little bit premature but he is definitely someone who has captured the attention of Democrats and, using the same words as everybody else, a rising star for the party. Looking forward to 2008, there are some intriguing people who you would think would be interested in making a run at the presidency for the Democrats including Obama and Hillary Clinton giving me hope for that election.

For some reason, despite reading all of these prediction horror stories about what could be in store for America, I am much more optimistic about our future than I was last night. I personally think that the Republicans will mess this whole thing up for themselves and come 2008 the rest of the country will be ready for a change. Things undoubtedly will get worse for us liberals (and I am proud to call myself a liberal) but that's the price we will have to pay the next four years before we can start to make things better again.