Our Halloween Costumes

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I keep forgetting to have my roommate email me the pictures of Death? and myself in the Halloween costumes that we wore to a great party on Saturday night. So instead, since a post about Halloween even a week later is a little to late, I went back to the power of MS Paint and did a little more art.

This piece is entitled "The Happy Couple". I went to the party as Mugatu from Zoolander. Once I got into costume it became crystal clear. I might be Mugatu's long lost fatter twin brother. I looked so similar it was scary! I kept yelling "I am a hot little potato right now" and after running into Hanz and Franz I started yelling "That Hanz, he's so hot right now!" Of course it is needless to say, I had a little bit to much to drink.

Death? went to the party as Miss Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. But not just the coked up Mia, no no no. She was the "I just snorted heroin and now I have a big fucking needle sticking out of my chest" Mia. It was an awesome costume complete with humongous syringe sticking straight out of her heart and vanilla milkshake puke around her mouth.