Dear Mims,

Posted by Brandon |

Listen, I have no problem with your personal opinion that you are "hot". Everybody's allowed to brag and boast every once in a while, I'm all for it. And I'm not here to dispute your claim that you are indeed "hot". Perhaps you are, I don't know. It doesn't sound to me like you are but then again, what do I know?

Here's my beef with you though Mims, if you are going to rap over and over and over again "this is why I'm hot" you've got to give me more than "they like the way I dress" and "chicks around the way they call me cream of the crop" to prove that you are, in actuality, "hot".

You see, I'm a fact based person. Before I can say for certain that you are "hot" I need to measure your warmth. But when you say that "I'm into shutting stores down so I can shop" it's very hard to get a reading because I am also into shutting stores down to shop, it would be just so much less stressful. But we can probably both agree that I'm nowhere near hot. I also can claim that "Compton to Hollywood, as soon as I hit L.A., I'm in that Low, Low, I do it the Cali way." I have no idea what the "Low, Low" is, but even if I did it doesn't make me hot so why should it you?

So please, for your next single I want hard proof as to why you are "hot". I'm not asking for the world here, I just need more than unimpressive shit like "ask me what I paid and I say yea I paid a quap" especially since quap is slang for a quarter pound and that isn't much for a car. Again, I can probably come up with that. Even if you ripped someone off, I bet you didn't manage to get much more than a Kia Rio out of it. No offense, but when the "Shorty see the (Kia) drop", I kind of doubt that "hot" is the word that they would use.

Anyway, keep up the good work you lukewarm motherfucker,


Anonymous said...

I get so messed up by Mims. I don't listen to his music so when I see Mims suggested to me at iTunes, I immediately think it is The Mims, a girl group of funky punkiness.

Boy, am I wrong every time ;).

Anonymous said...

I'm all about quantifiable hotness. I keep a spreadsheet for just such occasions.