Hey, Hey! I'm Back!

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Welcome back to your normal routine Down With Pants! It's both sucks and is great to be back after the longest vacation that we've taken since our honeymoon two years ago. In fact, this ended up being a longer vacation than our honeymoon but two years ago we went to Maui and laid on the beach and relaxed like we had never relaxed before - it was great. This time we went to the clusterfuck that is New York City, not my idea of relaxing. By the end of the trip we were both sick and exhausted and still haven't totally recovered. But it was a blast and a half and I'll share more about our trip soon when I get it all together.

In the meantime, I would like to nominate the mom from the new Cingular Wireless commercial featuring that annoying, text talking little brat (click here to watch) for the first inaugural Down With Pants! Mother-of-the-Year award...

That's right mom! Take away that cell phone! Someone should recut this commercial and use it as a training manual on the right way to parent. It is the exact action that should be taken when little Bethene (I can't tell what her name is supposed to be) goes text crazy with her BFF Jill. Throw in a bitch slap for backsass and possibly a good belt whooping later and it would be the perfect how-to video.

The only thing that will hurt her candidacy for Mother-of-the-Year is the fact that the little pain in the ass has her own cell phone in the first place. Mom should have known that if you give a child a cell phone they are only going to abuse it, it's their nature. Stupid parents have to be punished as well.

But recovering from an initial mistake and passing along the punishment goes a long way with this jury.


Anonymous said...

This post is exactly the reason I let out a little "squee" when I saw that you are back!

I agree. Totally.

Yay, you are home! Did I say that already? Hrm.

Dave2 said...

I would have been more impressed had the mother bitch-slapped the annoying little brat...

August said...

That commercial cracks us up every time ... especially when she makes that one face and says "this cell phone bill, that's what's S..Nf.."

tarametblog said...

This commercial is soo funny, Raphael and I stop our DVR to watch it even.