Guy I Might Go Gay For 5

Posted by Brandon |

There is this great video that they have been playing on MTV Espanol lately by the reggaeton artist Calle 13. Every time I see it while flipping through the channels I have to stop because the song is great and the video is interesting.

The video for Atrevetete features Calle 13 (pictured above) delivering papers on his bike in a suburb of identical houses with identical blondes dancing around. It's a great video that defies description so you have to see it to get the idea...

Death? accused me of only liking the video because of the blondes in short skirts dancing around. I won't lie, they are nice, but it isn't the real reason I like this video. I couldn't quite put my finger on why I liked it so much until I found his page on MySpace.

And then it struck me. The real reason I like this video as much as I do is because I have a little man-crush on Calle 13. He's just so cute, but in a masculine Puerto Rican kind of way. I never thought I would like a guy who shaves designs into his hair, but whatever, they work for me here.

And you have to love the attitude and style. Puerto Rican reggaeton is dominated by bitches and hos, crunk style rappers. Most of it is complete garbage. But here is Calle 13 in the same genre, doing his own thing with a great sense of humor, and looking even better than any of those wannabe pimps.

The video for Sevale To-to is just as fun and features even more of him. There is also a video, Querido F.B.I., that takes a strong political stance, showing that Calle 13 isn't just about fun pop songs, he has a brain and opinions too. Of course, I don't know what he's saying, but that makes it all the sexier.

So there you go. Another one of my man crushes. The list of guys I might go gay for is getting quite lengthy. To read about all the others click here, here, here and here.


Chase said...

Holy crap, I think I love you. Eddie Izzard and Brandon Flowers? SUPERB choices!

I'll have to check out shaved head guy now...I was too busy drooling over your pick of Eddie to watch the vid. :)

jackt said...

I like the blonds. I'd like for them to move to my street. I'd take up the paper route if they did.

tablefor4 said...

Didn't understand one bit of what they were saying, but it's a good video all the same. I've come up with my own version and deciphered the whole thing. Their women that went on strike and said to hell with this clipping hedges bit. We're not gonna do any damn yard work, especially in these mini skirts. And then in the end, their celebrating for taking a stand. ????? (I should have taken language in high school while I had the chance. never thought I would need it for anything other than to talk about people in grocery store lines.)

JAX said...

I have never met another straight man who has actually admitted to having man crushes and calling another man "cute".

can we hang out?