Brandon Needs

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I saw this meme a long time ago and then Kevin brought it back to may attention the other day. You put your name followed by the word "needs" (Brandon needs, Apple needs, Pilot Inspektor needs) into a Google search and then list the top ten results. I think mine are particularly funny and some are exceedingly true...

1. Brandon needs a nurturing, attentive, and patient family.
2. Brandon needs day treatment.
3. Brandon needs to suffer severe bodily harm.
4. Brandon needs its own government.
5. Brandon needs a home where his abilities and interests can be nurtured and supported.
6. Brandon needs to find way to score goals in series.
8. Brandon needs something to attract people as a destination centre.
9. Brandon needs to punk Ashton for being Ashton.
10. Brandon needs and deserves its own radio station.


Master Blasphemy said...

lol at the NEW FONE. And punking Ashton for being Ashton sounds like a good course of action.

Karl said...

What? You only need DAY treatment? I don't know if I'd agree with that.

tablefor4 said...

Those are some good ones. I did one of myself too. I came up with some crazy ones. It looks like I need some treatment at a facility. lol....

kapgar said...

Please God, no independent government! AHHHHHH!!!!!

Crunchy BC said...

Wow. Reads like my list of things to do before I die.