A Quick Peeve

Posted by Brandon |

I was going to post this over at The Peevery, it definitely fits better into that format, but Typepad seems to be down right now, so it's going up here at Down With Pants!

Am I the only one who thinks that the dude driving his brand spanking new, convertible Ferrari through one of the poorest neighborhoods in Oxnard is a little bit of a douchebag?


Karl said...

No, it's not just you. That really is a bit prickish. The guy needs a nice asskickin' carjacking.

Rob said...

Maybe he was trying to motivate those who live in that area. Motivate them to pull his punk @ss out of the car then strip it bare.

kapgar said...

Ummm... you do realize why he's doing this, don't you? He suddenly lost his job and can no longer make the payments and is in arrears up to his, er, rear. So he's driving through this neighborhood in hopes he does get carjacked and can claim the insurance.

Peeved Michelle said...

I would probably think "car thief" before I would think "douchebag," at least if I saw him driving down my grandma's old street in El Rio. (Do you know the names of the neighborhoods?)

Brandon said...

Karl and Rob - The problem is that now people don't think to either beat the living shit out of a guy like that or scheme a way to steal the car, they just get jealous and depressed and watch more Super Sweet 16. I think violence should be the answer.

Kevin - That is entirely possible. He did kind of look like bait.

Michelle - It just so happens that I was in El Rio. He must of been one of those Gone In 60 Seconds car thiefs, because he looked clean as a whistle.