Closing Ceremonies

Posted by Brandon |

I have seen a lot of blogs say the same thing, but I really need to get this off my chest. What the fuck was Ricky Martin and his whores doing at the Olympic closing ceremonies last night?

What a bunch of bullshit that was. The man isn't Italian, he isn't Canadian, and he sure as hell isn't good, so why was he allowed anywhere near Torino? I guess "Cup Of Life" is an OK sports party song, but that doesn't mean he should be allowed to do his new shitty rap song with his bitches in shredded fishnets and nothing much more gyrating behind his totally uninterested ass. I don't care what the record label or his agent says, the Olympics are the Olympics, they set the rules. Not Ricky Fucking Menudo Martin.

It ruined an otherwise solid closing ceremony. I could even handle having to see that two-bit, no-talent, punk-wannabe, pop-princess Avril Lavigne butcher some inspirational piece of crap. At least she's Canadian. She had a reason to be there.

So fuck Ricky Martin, fuck the closing ceremonies and fuck NBC (that is a whole other topic).

In a completely unrelated note...

Margaritas from the Dispensa-rita (tm) kick ass!!! And yes, I did get quite an uneven sunburn, thank you very much.