Posted by Brandon |

I came to realize a couple of years ago that I have perhaps the ugliest thumbs on earth. I don't think you are supposed to carry a large amount of fat in your thumbs and I'm pretty sure that people don't, but in a cruel twist of fate, I do! Hence these nasty looking digits. These pictures don't even do their ugliness justice. You can't really see all of the wrinkles and folds that appear if you were to see them in person.

At first I was embarrassed by my deformity. But now I use them to torture Death? when I need to. Nothing works better than wagging those ugly things in her face if I want to get my way or gross her out. But what else can I do with my ugly thumbs besides freak out the wife and pick shit up?

Of course...turn them into a web comic! So keep your eyes peeled for The Adventures of Rat and Dog Thumb coming soon to a DWP! near you.