Archie McPhee Blog Contest

Posted by Brandon |

The wife and I are house sitting this weekend. We have a fireplace, a hot tub, a barbecue, a fire pit, two kittens and beachfront property. Don't expect much from Down With Pants! this weekend unless your name is Death?

In the meantime, take a second to sign up for Archie McPhee's (my former beloved employer) blog contest. All you have to do is link to them on your blog and then send your link to contest@mcphee.com and next month they will draw five names. Those fabulously lucky folks will win $100 gift certificates. It couldn't be easier.

If I won the $100 gift certificate I think I would stock up on Tots pencil toppers. You can't have too many tots. I just hope I don't get a tummy ache.


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