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Southern California softball players are big fucking babies.

This evening I was supposed to play for my men's slow-pitch softball team, but because it rained yesterday, our game tonight was rained out.

Nevermind the fact that it hasn't rained since yesterday afternoon, the field was in tip-top condition or that every single other group that uses the park (tennis lessons, soccer practice, dog obedience training, crazy weirdos who sit in their car and the bagpipe player) were doing their thing this evening.

If this were Seattle, we would have just toughed it out. Hell, we would be hustling out there to take advantage of a dry evening to play some softball. We wouldn't be sitting at home wimpering because it was a little bit wet yesterday. That's just part of playing any outdoor sport in the Pacific Northwest.

Seriously, we were out-toughed by the soccer players, tennis players and even the bagpipe guy. So let me say it one more time...

Southern California softball players are big fucking babies.