Down With Pants! Becomes Eclectic

Posted by Brandon |

Or Down With Pants! radio, whichever you prefer. Have you ever wanted to hear my sweet voice? Soon you will have the chance. I've been sitting here playing with Audacity and the crummy microphone that we bought a few years ago and discovered that I too could join the masses and put out a podcast. Right now it's just going to be myself and some music, but hopefully I can find a little better schtick and make it good. We'll see. Look for that sometime in the near future.

If anyone has any tips on podcasting, I could use them. I've done some reading about the subject but I really don't know what I'm doing other than just the recording. I'm sure I will figure it out though. I'm a semi-smart guy. If you have any music requests please leave them in the comments and I will make an attempt to play it for you, but no guarantees. One of the Seattle radio stations doesn't take requests anymore, they take suggestions. It's kind of like that.

P.S...I'm not sure what is worse, an Angels win or a controversial White Sox victory giving Angels fans something to complain about. I guess I'll have to avoid the sports talk stations again tomorrow.