Let's See If I Can Piss Someone Off Week - Day 1

Posted by Brandon |

It's Let's See If I Can Piss Someone Off Week here at Down With Pants! I think it is pretty self-explanatory so here we go...

I think women who don't have the majority of custody of their kids after a divorce are creepy and fucked up and not to be trusted. If you either don't want the responsibility of raising the children yourself or are so messed up that the man won custody, then you are a bad, bad mother and should not be trusted in the rest of your life.

The court system is set up to heavily favor the mother in any custody fight, which is probably the right way to go most of the time. Men are almost always looked upon as the responsible party for a divorce or are considered a much worse candidate to be a single parent than any woman. So for a woman to lose a custody case, she must be completely messed up. She must be an extremely selfish bitch, a raving lunatic, a nasty whore or all three like my downstairs neighbor, a single mother who only has her son one weekend a month.

She smokes like a chimney, she drinks like a fish, she curses like a sailor, she stays out at all hours, she brings home strange dudes, she screams at these strange dudes on the phone at any hour of the night in a demonic, possessed voice that has been haunting me since I first heard it. When she has her son around she doesn't seem to set any rules so he runs around with his buddies in the neighborhood all day and all night causing trouble. All of these things lead me to believe that she is an awful, horrible mother.

Of course, I could have told you that the day our landlord told us about her. As soon as I heard that she was a single mother who only has her son one weekend a month, I had a very bad feeling. Like I said, I don't trust any woman who doesn't have the majority of custody and that view has only been cemented by the bitchy, whorey, lunatic that lives downstairs.