Down With Pants! Radio Update

Posted by Brandon |

The first edition of Down With Pants! radio is ready to rock and roll, but the service that I signed up for to host my podcast is doing server maintenance tonight and I can't get onto it to test it or get the feed or anything like that. Hopefully they will get their servers switched over soon and I can get it up and running.

The first edition features new music from Death Cab For Cutie, Blackalicious and Kanye West as well as some older stuff by Throw Rag, Visqueen and much, much more. It's a very rough first edition because I haven't totally figured out how to use Audacity and I have an awful microphone, so it isn't quite up to my usual high standards, but I think I might start another one tonight and try to work out the kinks. I miss being a DJ even more than I realized.

Off the topic...Did anyone watch the Notre Dame - USC game today? If you didn't see it you missed out on one of the greatest college football games ever played. The ending was about as wild as I have ever seen. I hate to say it as someone who grew up hating all things Southern California (especially since I am a Husky fan) but the USC Trojans have won over at least one new fan today in your boy Down With Pants!