If It Wasn't For That Horse

Posted by Brandon |

Last night we went and saw Batman Begins (the best movie I've seen this year so far but more about that later this week, hopefully) and while we were walking to the show we heard the high school girl in front of us say to her friends (imagine valley girl voice and mannerisms)...

"When I was a freshman the senior guys would call me up and say, 'girl, I wanna ride you like a black Mercedes.' At least they said a Mercedes. If they would have said a BMW I would of been upset. Or a Toyota. Because a Mercedes is up here (motions with her hand above her head) and a Toyota is down here (motions below her waist)."

Jatser over at Prognosis Negative mentioned in a previous post the Lewis Black line "If it wasn't for that horse, I never would have spent that year in college". It really was kind of like that. It rattled around my brain for sometime and threatened to devour me from the inside. Luckily Death? was there to hear it so we were both able to discuss the statement and the pressure on both of our brains subsided and I have survived to tell the story. But seriously, don't think about it too much or you might go crazy.

On a related note, does anyone else think that R. Kelly's song "You Remind Me" is one of the most romantic songs ever. Come on, the line "you remind me of my Jeep...I wanna ride it" doesn't do it for you? Well I know one lady who would swoon to it. Although a Jeep might be way down here (motions below my knees). I mean, for sure!

I leave you this evening with the world's greatest haiku as heard after Spongebob Squarepants this morning...

Boogers in my nose
Chickens running in my room
I can see your butt

Now that is genius my friends. Pure genius!