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Man, sometimes I amaze myself at how competitive I can get about things that don't matter at all. I've been like that almost all my life. When I was in little league (not even little league, just some city rec league) I used to get really worked up before games and then really upset when we inevitably lost (I'm very competitive, but not very talented). YMCA and Mormon basketball, HORSE with my little brother, church softball, beach volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, pinball, etc. You name it, I probably played it and got myself into a competitive frenzy over it.

As an adult I've mellowed out quite a bit. I usually can play a game and have fun but from time to time my competitive juices bubble over and I can feel myself starting to have the same freakouts like I used to have. I was bowling in a social league over the past year and when I was really struggling I would start to beat myself up mentally and get all grumpy and probably kind of unbearable to my teammates. This was a social league for god's sake. The whole point was to go and drink some beers, meet new people and goof off. Nobody has good scores and nobody cares.

Today I find myself getting competitive again with something that doesn't matter one bit. I've been doing this new Battle of the Blogs thing on Blog Explosion and I am starting to get really pissed. I just got hammered 7-2 or 8-1 or some crap score that should have gone the other way. The Down With Pants! record now stands at an embarrassing 4-3. I'm going to continue to do these battles because they are pretty interesting and fun but if I don't start winning more often I might really blow a gasket. Mormon basketball tantrum, here I come!