I Really Am a Great Guy!

Posted by Brandon |

To the folks at the PYC if you are reading this. I really didn't mean to add my signature with this link to the email I sent you today, that was a bad mistake and I'm sorry if you are offended by anything on here. It's just a hobby that I have that is totally harmless.

I promise that I rarely write about work. The only times I have written about work are when I simply try to tell a funny, positive story or, just recently, describing the tension that I was happy to be away from when I left my job to move to Ventura. Other than that I have totally steered away from work related posts. It's kind of a policy of mine because I respect and enjoy my employers enough that I would never want to smear their good names.

Despite all my cursing and whatnot on this blog I really am a great guy who would love a job with the PYC. I know I would do a great job for you and I sincerely hope that this blog won't hurt my chances of working with you. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

And seriously, Oprah is a crybaby about that boutique thing. You've got to give me that!